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HANDMADE Latgola - Home of Contemporary Crafts Values of Latgale
In the south-eastern part of Latvia (called Latgale), in the town of Livani - the “gate”to Latgale - a new home of modern and high quality crafts items from Latgale is now being created. Here, in one place in a natural home environment, you will be able to get acquainted with 100 different contemporary crafts items forhouseholds, but not only... Click here and feel part of it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz7PWoutviN-G9mMOmwAgAg

There are dozens of craftsmen, small producers, home producers in Latgale, whose products are characterized by tasteful creativity, modern design and very high quality of handwork. The idea of ​​this joint project started several years ago when we - several purposeful people of Latgale, who want to continue to live and work in Latgale and for Latgale, to continue creating and showing the versatile Latgale crafts to the world - we realized that doing it individually is difficult... But by finding cooperation and collaboration ways, it is realistic! This project is about creating a common meeting place and representation for Latgalian lifestyle and our crafts items.

  • A technical project for the reconstruction of a barn building from1936 in Livani has been done and the first phase of the reconstruction work has been started (investing around10,000 EUR of private funds)
  • Twenty craftsmen, home producers and small producers have agreed not only verbally but also “on paper” to set-up the new interior of “HANDMADE Latgola” with their arts&crafts products
  • Most part of the investments needed for the reconstruction of the building has been attracted, incl. project has been supported under the LEADER program allocating 59 000 EUR, but it is not enough - we are still lacking about 30 000 EUR, so are currently looking for additional supporters for our Project idea
  • Non-traditional craft and cultural tourism object
  • Live exposition of crafts of Latgale
  • Cosy meeting place with added value
  • Convenient location for thematic events
  • Exclusive accommodation option for special occasions (max 6 to 8 people)
  • View modern Latgale crafts products in a natural home environment – living room area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, corridor (be it a glass plate, clay jug, wooden board, linen towel, bed linen, leather slippers, magazine holder, wood or metal shoe blade, glass wall clock, vase, wall decor or floral soap!)
  • Purchase the exhibited glass, wooden, linen, clay, wicker, paper, wool, metal, leather, concrete products (as well as material combinations) as local souvenirs, or place individual orders of authors' works
  • During thematic events, meet with the authors of the crafts items from Latgale (as well as to get their direct contacts for visiting craftsmen and small producers in their workshop places further in Latgale)
  • Use the special living room area for thematic discussions, conversations, meetings (including pre-order coffee / tea / juice breaks to enjoy Latgalian culinary delights)
  • Enjoy an exclusive accommodation option for special occasions (up to 6-8 people)
  • Because we are proud of what and how we do, and we want to show it to Latvia and the world
  • Because we have many years of experience working individually, but we see the potential of collaboration
  • Because we want to keep living and working in Latgale, and this place will help us to work more effectively
  • Because we want to help to break the widespread stereotype of "depressive Latgale where nothing happens"
  • Because we know that we are able to create and maintain this Special Place of Home Items and Feelings!

Our team

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There is now a situation when this story cannot continue without YOUR support. We turn to You, to Your company, to Your friends and acquaintances, to all Latgale fans kindly asking for Your support (not donation, not social benefit, but yes, financial support!) – that will allow us to continue the implementation of “HANDMADE Latgola” concept. We are aware that we are now asking You not only to believe in our ”naked idea”, our vision, but we also know that everything starts with faith and everything goes on with the belief! We believe in ourselves, our working abilities, our desire to preserve the crafts values of Latgale and show them to the world! We will be grateful if You are with us become one more Hero of this story! By supporting us with any amount, You will buy Your first entrance ticket to “HANDMADE Latgola”, which You will be able to use visiting us in the second half of 2019, and You will be included in “HANDMADE LATGOLA Friends' Book”, which will be available to all “HANDMADE Latgola” visitors.